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Competencies and creativity

You cannot learn competencies. You can develop them only as a result of long-term project work. You need to build on a constant basis as a  result of work of a multidisciplinary team of consultants with the conviction that only if you combine skills and knowledge in the area of  marketing, economic, financial, formal, legal, organisational, technical and technological issues can you come up with a coherent and effective result of competence building.


Competencies worked out in a consulting project completed earlier cannot be automatically transferred to another project. Each time, you need creative work on a particular specific case, since every Client and each consulting project are unique. The goal is the same each time, namely, to achieve the effect desired from the Client's point of view, however, the path leading to the goal is each time an individual journey with a given Client. This is a journey that requires looking for an  individual analytical approach, an individual solution drawing from competencies, experience and constant creativity.