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Orientation to the Client

What we focus most in our everyday work is building of positive and durable customer relations. Building customer relations by POLINVEST means being:

  • independent from the substantial point of view and having the sense of becoming a part of the Client's human potential at the same time,
  • ultimately committed to solving a given Client's problem, while involving Client's employees as little as possible, only when really needed,
  • at the Client's disposal whenever the Client needs it and meeting the Client's expectations with regard to the works schedule, including the works completion,

 as well as:

  • convincing to our arguments as a result of analytical work conducted, while listening attentively to Client's arguments and taking into account Client's conditions,
  • supporting the Client at the stage of implementing elaborated solutions and recommended actions, as well as focusing on solving all current problems appearing at  the stage of implementation.


When we appear at the Client's premises, we focus on being the source of inspiration and support for all Client's employees involved in a given consulting project. The largest POLINVEST's success and fundamental proof of meeting the Client's expectations is involving POLINVEST in another consulting project by the same Client again, or recommending us to another Client. This is the most important goal of POLINVEST's employees and the basic criterion for evaluating the effects of our employees' performance.