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To set a goal

Setting the goal is for POLINVEST a starting point in Client's needs identification in the area of problems to be solved by the Client and in the area of the Client's natural need for continuous development and improvement of an operating business model.


Setting the goal means for POLINVEST the identification of  what, from the Client's perspective, we want to achieve both in the area of complex operating strategy, business vision, and the selected defined areas of operation (e.g. acquiring funds for financing of a  capital investment programme, changes in the management and organisational systems). Identification in what way we can achieve the goal effectively and what actions are necessary to undertake in order to  achieve it.


In order to set the goal we identify conditions, define possible scenarios, as well as search for and recommend the most effective solutions.


In order to set the goal we perceive conditions, problems and actions according to their nature, i.e. in a complex way. We take into account both economic and financial aspects, on the one hand, and formal, legal, marketing, organisational, technical and technological ones, on the other.


By setting the goal, we perceive and reflect problem-specific relations between causes and effects, from the point of  view of all business and management processes. Over 25 years of  experience in working on different consulting projects requiring multidisciplinary expertise is the source of competencies enabling fast understanding of specific Client's needs, key conditions determining directions of possible actions and elaborating effective solutions.